Innovation Expo

As part of the Clean Cooking Forum 2019, an Innovation Expo will showcase a range of innovations from companies and other organizations helping to drive the clean cooking sector forward. Interested exhibitors must submit an application to participate. 

Eligible categories:

  1. Clean cooking solutions that significantly improve product performance [1] through design (including but not limited to advanced biomass stoves, processed biomass fuels, biogas systems, ethanol stoves or fuel, LPG stoves, solar stoves, or electric stoves; for both household and institutional uses);
  2. Technologies that improve access and affordability to clean cooking solutions through last-mile distribution approaches, pay-as-you-go systems, consumer finance, or data collection and analytics;
  3. Marketing and behavior change approaches and technologies that enhance consumer awareness and engagement;
  4. Technologies that are improving how stove and fuel use and related impacts in households are monitored.

Space: The Expo will offer space to a maximum of 18 exhibitors over the two days of the Forum, November 5 and 6, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi.

Fee: Selected exhibitors are required to register for the Forum and pay registration fees. However, there are no additional costs for participating in the Expo.

Expenses: Exhibitors will not be reimbursed for travel and logistical costs to bring equipment or materials to the event venue.

Open flame restrictions: No open flame cooking or demonstration will be permitted.

Selection criteria: Applications will be evaluated based on how well they align with the Forum’s theme:

  1. Investment: Products, services, or other approaches that are attracting, or have significant potential to attract, investment at scale and therefore stimulate the growth of the clean cooking sector in a meaningful way;
  2. Innovation: Products, services, or other approaches that are addressing, or have significant potential to address, challenges such as affordability, access, and availability;
  3. Impact: Products, services, or other approaches that are generating, or have significant potential to generate, meaningful advancements for health, the climate and the environment, economic development, and gender equality.

Application guidelines:

  1. Joint submissions from multiple organizations are allowed and welcomed.
  2. Entries must be submitted here.
  3. The deadline for submission is Monday, August 30, 2019. Selected exhibitors will be informed by September 20.

Please email any questions to

[1] Significant improvement in performance is defined relative to baseline options such as an open fire, as it relates to efficiency, emissions, durability, and user uptake.